Prayer: Adoring God

In Psalm 138, David says, “I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart.” Some other translations say “I give you thanks, O Lord, with my whole heart.” To adore God is to silence the noises of the world, and to become instruments of worship giving praise to God with all that we are. It is where we cease doing and fix our mind on who God is. With the frame of mind adjusted on God, we can move on to confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. But we must first fix our eyes on the character of God in adoring him.

Read meditatively Psalm 138.

Think of all the ways God cab be adored. Use the list below to start you off. Think specifically of who God is, and how he has shown himself in your life.

God is worthy of adoration because (of)…

  • Verse 1 “he is the true God”
  • Verse 2 “his love and faithfulness”
  • Verse 3 “he answers prayer”
  • Verse 4 “he is the King of kings”
  • Verse 5 “his glory and greatness”
  • Verse 6 “he looks upon lowly”
  • Verse 7 “he is the preserver of life”
  • Verse 7 “he saves us from trouble”
  • Verse 8 “he fulfills his purpose”